t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o

I'll transfer you.

She really turns me off. Don't turn a blind eye to the problem.
He makes it so easy for me to understand.

Do you want to try a marriage interview?
I nearly tripped over the stone. Don't try any of your games.

with us!

Throw dirt enough, and some will stick. I'll throw the book at you if you do it again. The president was tied up all morning in a meeting.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o

He is understanding.

Egg in your beer, what do you want? Stop trying to act cool.
My husband is walking on eggs shells around me.

They visit the orphanage once in a blue moon.
You never know what you can do till you try. We've been through a lot together, so let's not throw it away.

your breath

You're always using foul language. I was trying to give you a boost. The movie tugged at my heartstrings.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o

What a spendthrift!

If we keep on like this, we'll wind up with nothing.
Who won life-time achievement award this year?

She wears her years well. She wears more than two hats.
I'm not interested so stop wasting your breath. I'm waiting for my big break.

a million years

Don't even try to do something phony. Loud music turns me off. She uses her girlish charm. She always turns up her nose at foreigners.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o


You're so corny. This is disposable. I am very fussy about foods. The price are nonnegotiable. The fat is in the fire.
Everyone else be quiet. Don't be ridiculous. That was then, this is now.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry were there. I hope she's still around. It's never around when you need it.
The world is as you take it. He is at large. You seem to be at everything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We were
like peas
and carrots

It's nothing more, nothing less. It's a puzzling question. She's a real tomboy. When the cat's away, the mice will play. It's a little bit below the belt. That's what friends are for. I was in stitches.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o


She is self-conceited. He is full of beans. He's really slippery. The night is still young. Men and melons are hard to know.
A voice like that is few and far between. A slip could be false. I am really wishy-washy.

The weather is nasty. Don't be so conscious of others. Don't be sneaky. You are outrageous.
You're very good at telling fibs. Our thoughts are compatible. Second thoughts are best.

It is
too true

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Be careful what you wish for. Everybody is mad at you. It's plain to see. I'm stuck. I'm too breathless to go any farther.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o


I'm aching in the joints. Are you adding fuel to the fire?
Koreans add a year to babies as soon as they're born. Who do you think I am?

They agree like cats and dogs. Names and natures do often agree. He asked for it.
I asked him point-blank. It's like asking for the moon. That is purely coincidental. It was blasted into splinters.

too much

Now back to the grind. You barked up the wrong tree again. I don't know what your game is, but you'd better stop it. I am right on top of it.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o

How to Become a Knight

When fully trained, a squire could be made a knight by their lord, usually when between the ages of 18 and 21.
A knight was expected to be chivalrous at all times.

A knight faced having his status removed and good name sullied forever if he were guilty of serious misdemeanours like fleeing a battle
, committing heresy or treason. There was even a rule against a knight spending money too frivolously.

The most common
leisure activity
for knights was hunting

To reach this elevated position became more and more challenging as the Middle Ages wore on because the elite wished to maintain their exclusive status.

t o w n & c i t y

h e l l o

Pyramid of Kukulcan

The pyramid functioned as an enormous calendar and was designed so that, on the equinoxes,
the play of sunlight and shadow would create the illusion of a snake descending to earth.

Each of the four sides has 91 steps ascending it, 364 steps total
, with the temple topping the pyramid considered an addition step totalling 365, each step representing a day in the calendar.

the feathered serpent god

Additionally, the pyramid’s nine stages, bisected by a staircase on each side, represent the eighteen months of the Maya Calendar year.

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h e l l o

The Mahabodhi Temple Complex

The grand 50m high Mahabodhi Temple of the 5th-6th centuries is of immense importance,
being one of the earliest temple constructions existing in the Indian sub-continent.

The magnificent Mahabodhi Temple is one of the four holy sites related to the life of Lord Buddha, and marks the spot where he attained enlightenment.
At the four corners of the parapet of the temple are four statues of the Buddha in small shrine chambers.

in the world

The Mahabodhi Temple Complex has continuous visitation by pilgrims from all over the world to offer prayers, perform religious ceremonies and meditate.

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h e l l o


Konark Sun Temple is dedicated to the sun God or Surya.
It is a monumental representation of the sun God Surya's chariot.

On the north and south sides are 24 carved wheels, each about 3 m in diameter, as well as symbolic motifs referring to the cycle of the seasons and the months.
Between the wheels, the plinth of the temple is entirely decorated with reliefs of fantastic lions, musicians and dancers, and erotic groups.

The sanctuary
the Surya Temple

The name Konark is derived from the Sanskrit word Kona (means angle) and word Arka (means sun) in reference to the temple which was dedicated to the Sun god Surya.